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Measurement of single-molecule frictional dissipation in a prototypical nanoscale system – Spin-echo spectroscopy is used to measure the picosecond time dependence of the motion of single benzene molecules, indicating a type of atomic-scale continuous Brownian motion not previously observed.

Metal carbonyl – Wikipedia – Metal carbonyls are coordination complexes of transition metals with carbon monoxide ligands. Metal carbonyls are useful in organic synthesis and as catalysts or catalyst precursors in homogeneous catalysis, such as hydroformylation and Reppe chemistry. In the Mond process, nickel tetracarbonyl is used to produce pure nickel. In organometallic chemistry, metal carbonyls serve as precursors for the.

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Investigations on the Smile-Effect for Airborne Spectroscopy of. – Spectroscopy of Methane and Carbon Dioxide. Bachelor Thesis. Strukturierung und Ausarbeitung der thesis untersttzt hat.. press et al.

Ultrafast spectroscopy is an emerging technique with great promise in the study of quantum materials, as it makes it possible to track similarities and correlations that are not evident near.

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BIO Lab-Exercise 6 (2/23/2016) Flashcards | Quizlet – 6CO2 {carbone dioxide} + 12H2O {water} processes include {pigments, enzymes, light energy} to yield C6H1206 {Glucose} + 6O2 {Oxygen} + 6H2O {Water} The process of photosynthesis occurs in the.

Emile Carbone – – by Emile Carbone Save to Library Global (volume-averaged) model of inductively coupled chlorine plasma: Influence of Cl wall recombination and external heating on continuous and pulse-modulated plasmas more

Implantable Optogenetics Device Powered Wirelessly – With this somewhat restrictive headgear, mice can move freely in an open cage but can’t navigate an enclosed space or burrow into a pile of sleeping cage-mates the way an unencumbered mouse could..

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Imaging and quantifying the morphology of an organic-inorganic nanoparticle at the sub-nanometre level – high-angle annular dark-field scanning transmission electron microscopy combined with electron energy loss spectroscopy was used to determine the thickness and chemical signature of molecular coating.

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Custom-Fit Designs Individualized Helmets – Mass-production systems cannot personalize individual headgear, and adding or removing padding can provide only limited customization. Custom-Fit, a project funded by the European Union’s Sixth.

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Lightning Awards ‘Luminate’ Rochester – The eye-tracking headgear uses a combination of cameras, a controlled emitting diode illuminator and image processing techniques to track eye movements relative to a secondary scene camera. Tarsier.