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Household Debt Is Enslaving Americans – Consumer debt in America is rising at an alarming pace. The average household has thousands in credit card debt alone, followed by thousands in student loan debt and thousands more in auto loans. Add.

Watch out for tech support scams – White Sands Federal. –  · Although tech support scams have been around for a while, every year they get more sophisticated. Tech support scams target people of all ages, including those that consider themselves tech-savvy. In fact, a study from Microsoft concluded that millennials are falling for tech support scams at a higher rate than older people. These types of scams.

The Economy Killed Millennials, Not Vice Versa. – After almost a decade of paying off the $36K in student loans, going six figures in debt seems like a death sentence: nothing like staring down the barrel of 50 years old still paying $1000’s a month on student loans taken out over a decade ago. Suffice to say, HST had it dead to rights back in the 70s in that the American Dream was bull shit.

3 People, 3 Ways of Crushing College Debt – NerdWallet – Katie Welsh graduated in 2010 with about $30,000 in student loans. While teaching elementary school in Tampa, Florida, she alternated between making minimum payments and deferring payments.

Last Night’s Twitter Rant Involving 20somethings and Finance –  · 1. Pay down principal and interest on unsecured (i.e., debt not secured by an appreciating asset like a house) interest-bearing debt first starting with the principal that has the highest interest rates (i.e., credit card debt). 2. Pay down secured debt on depreciating assets like auto loans. 3.

How Student Loan Debt Affects Women – While the research can be daunting, especially for minority women, there are resources that can help. consumers annually by providing counseling on student loan repayment, credit card debt,

Dodd-Frank gets weaker – POLITICO – Debt levels are rising at the same time the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates-factors that have led bond yields to rise and prices to fall in recent months.

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Treasure Coast events for ringing in the New Year. – alternated: debt consolidation mortgage loan Resources That means neither your debt balance nor your income level keep you from qualifying for REPAYE. If you don’t have Direct loans or you have a mix of Direct and other loans, you could consider applying.

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